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Ingredient of Products

We have included ingredient information for many of our products but if you require additional information or ingredients lists for products which are void of this information please feel free to speak to us via our Contact Us page.

If you are wary of certain ingredients or have allergies please ensure to check the products label before use and we will be happy to offer a refund upon receipt of the product.

Please note that ingredients listed may have been subject to change as many of the brands that we stock are constantly changing their formula, so what is listed on the website may differ to that of the product.

We have gathered ingredient information from the distributors websites & they can be subject to change, Ebeautiful will not be liable for any changes or the effects these may have.

The ingredients will be available on the packaging of the product, but we can guarantee that regardless of this the product will be created using fine ingredients as the brands that we sell are all professional and premium brands.

Salon Product Misuse

Many products that are available on our website are part of a professional range and should only be used by professionals who are trained in using the products. If you choose to use these products without the correct training you are doing so at your own risk & Ebeautiful will not be liable for any damages caused.

This includes the Dermalogica Professional range which should only be used by trained and licenced dermatologists. Using these products without the correct knowledge can lead to undesired effects such as irritation or the product not working as it intends to do so.
The Olaplex kits, again, should only be purchased and used by trained hair technicians who are familiar with the Olaplex system. If one is not trained with the product you will not achieve the desired effects and it could lead to damage to hair.

Packaging Defects

Some of the products that we sell have small factory defaults such as missing label stickers (this is the case for our Living Proof Travel Kits) which grants the cheap prices of which we can sell the high end products. The few products with factory defaults are stated within the product description, and you will not be entitled to a refund upon receipt of the few items that fall into this category.

If you receive an item which has been damaged in transit, our Ebeautiful team will be happy to rectify your order and to ensure that you obtain your products in the advertised condition.
If something doesn’t seem quite right about your order please drop us a message via the form on the “Contact Us” page.